This October stan richards — advertising mogul, founder of esteemed/eponymous ad agency the richards group, and namesake of the University of Texas’s stan richards School of Advertising and Public Relations — was caught being a racist.

Motel 6, a longtime richards client, announced the end of their relationship with the agency after stan called creative showcasing Black artists “too black,” arguing it would alienate the brand’s “white supremacist constituents.”

(If a company known for reporting its guest lists to ICE fires you for being too racist, you’re… way too fucking racist…)

The brouhaha from the resulting customer exodus — richards…

Educating people about racism is hard work, and yet it is labor requested often by the white people in my life. Unless I have communicated otherwise, the following is required reading for whites, specifically, to engage with me on topics of race. It is also good reading material for non-white people beginning to explore their racial identity.

Unless you have my express consent, do not engage with me on topics of race unless you have performed the below minimum requirements.

This serves to filter my time for whites willing to learn and share in the labor for their own growth…

I originally wrote this in response to the ad released in January of 2019. It has taken me this long to publish due to the emotional toll of the resulting discussion.

The “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” Gillette ad has stirred up conversation and controversy, and rightfully so; I find its intentions suspect and its execution problematic.

This ‘short’’ was emotionally laborious and stressful to watch for me personally. It came with significant expectations due to functionally unanimous praise from progressives and invective from the right.

Opening with a series of men in front of a literal mirror…

Yeong Cheng

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